JCRM is a CRM extension for Joomla

  • Full control over your sales process
  • Мanage all your business contacts, orders, tasks and many others with one app
  • Simple CRM system which integrated with: VirueMart, Joomshopping, jbZoo
  • Separated component of Joomla, that allows you to securely update the online store
  • Additional custom CRM modules

Available modules:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Attributes
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacrturers
  • Clients
  • Reports
  • Pays
  • Exchange


 System requirements

CRM software is an excellent way to target specific members in an organization for action or activity.

I. Waring, Elin J. The Official Joomla!™ Book

  • Online stores
  • Trade companies
  • Real Estates
  • Web developing
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Social business
  • others